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App Interact

Live Performance Testing

Interact in real-time with devices of choice and profile the app footprint by measuring CPU, memory, battery, and graphics performance.

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Apps Tested

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Live Testing

Interact with real devices live

Access mobile and non-mobile devices (Apple TV, firestick, Roku) in 30+ global locations to test user journeys at ultra-low latency.

Replicate real user actions such as swipe, pinch, volume control, camera, toggle Bluetooth, and restart device.

Access devices connected to over 100+ real cellular networks and thus, replicate real user scenarios.


Resource Profiling

Optimize your app footprint

Track your app's footprint on CPU, Memory and Battery utilization for various user journeys.

Get in-depth analysis of your app's graphics performance with metrics such as frame drops and slow frame refresh rate.

Record your session and share with your team for debugging.

API Interception

Tap into your App's client-server interactions

Inspect the API request-response for both native and web-apps. Inspect calls made from the client app to debug functional issues.

Filter results to get root causes like HTTP errors, high wait time, high handshake times, and non-optimized asset size and formats.

Intercept APIs to modify either the request or the response. Non-intrusively test whether that modification is resolving the bug.


Test Your App

Diagnose the Performance of your App to detect even the smallest bugs.