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App Functional

Automated Functional Testing

Fixing bugs in an app can be expensive and time taking post-launch. Automate functional testing process to shorten release cycles and ensure a bug-free release.

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Apps Tested

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Cross Platform Continuous Testing

Run automated tests across 200+ device models

Get exclusive access to more than 200+ device make and models on both android and iOS.


Setup hybrid test infrastructures by combining shared device clouds (e.g. Browserstack) with your private device lab.

Test on the framework and language of your choice. Choose from frameworks such as Appium, UIAutomator, XCTest UI, and Robot and languages such as Java, Python, and Node JS.


Integrated Test Analytics

Comprehensive reporting of your test results

View the success rate of test cases across builds, devices, OS, testers/developers, and date-time.

Deep dive into failed tests by inspecting video, logs, and screenshots and review by time stamp.

Get CPU, Memory, Graphic and Network logs for root cause analysis of your app issues.

Unlimited Parallelism

No charges by parallel test runs

Automated testing must be continuous and "parallel" slot based pricing limits the ability to run tests continuously


Hence, we never charge by parallel test runs. Run tests as many times as is necessary

Schedule tests so that you dont have to worry about running it every time


Test Your App

Automate your app’s testing cycle to release bug-free versions of your app at lightning speed.