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App Experience

Synthetic Experience Monitoring

 Even small lags in your app can lead to abandonments. Monitor an app’s performance in real-time to detect and fix customer issues pro-actively.


Apps Tested

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Real Time Experience Monitoring

True user experience at your fingertips

​Track the performance of critical user journeys across 30+ locations on the device and network of your choice.

Measure user experience without integrating SDKs or changing the source code. Thus, you can save valuable dev bandwidth.

Easy to setup. You can start monitoring in just a few hours!


In-Depth Diagnostics

Pinpoint actions to improve your app performance

View the sequence of network calls between app and backend with our unique waterfall charts. Easily identify backend servers slowing your app down.

Monitor your CDN performance and integrate with your load balancer to build an experience led multi-CDN strategy.

Identify slowing 3rd party SDKs, parallelize your network calls, and remove unused network resources that are leading to latencies.

App Barometer

Benchmark your App against competitors

Audit the experience across critical user journeys on your app against that of your peers.

Compare on 150+ pre-set KPIs or define your own KPIs to compare in custom scenarios.

Customize the dashboards without changing the code. Integrate with external tools such as Grafana to get a detailed view.


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