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Integrated App Experience

Testing Platform

Benefit from our integrated experience, functional, and performance testing platform.


Build apps that engage your customers and drive revenue.

5 million+ tests performed.

Apps Tested

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One Unified Platform,

For Testing on Real Devices

App Experience

Synthetic Experience Monitoring

Measure App experience as perceived by real customers with our unique black-box testing method that is non-intrusive.

Benchmark user experience in real time across 30+ cities, 100+ telecom networks, and 150+ devices on both android and iOS.

Monitor all the network layers of your app. Diagnose issues in web-service performance at your own, CDN, and 3rd party end.


App Functional

Automated Functional Testing

Perform automated functional tests on 200+ android and iOS devices. Test on latest frameworks including Appium, UI Automator, Robot, TestNG, XCUITest, and Espresso.


Initiate tests through an integrated interface. Analyze failures using artifacts such as screenshots, videos, app profiles, network logs, and system profiles.

Easily onboard new devices or integrate existing devices. Customize device clouds and automation environment to suit your test needs.

App Interact

Live Performance Testing

Interact with a variety of devices spread in 30+ cities globally. Debug Apps in real-time across smartphones, smart set-top-boxes, and TVs.


Mimic real user actions such as swipe, scroll, and pinch. Control device volume and camera and record tests for further actions.

Analyze your app's API performance with response time, server wait time, and HTTP failures. Evaluate CPU utilization, memory leak, battery drain, and frame drops to check resource profiling.


Global Testing Infrastructure

Using the MOZARK platform, you can setup a testing infrastructure that exactly replicates your user's environment.

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Focus on Experience

Our platform lets you quantify the user experience without integrating any SDKs. Measure the performance of core user journeys and detect problems pro-actively.

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Test in Customer Locations

With access to 200+ devices connected to 100+ telecom networks in 30+ cities globally, our platform lets you test in exactly those conditions in which your customers use your app.

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Open & Unified

Our platform lets you integrate with 3rd party and private device clouds so that you can build a secure and custom hybrid cloud setup for all your testing needs. 

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